úterý 16. října 2007

Hungarians ask - Czechs answer

1) Have you got an uniform? No, we haven´t. We can wear anything we want

2) What does your classroom look like? There are white walls. We have three cases, 15 desks and 30 chairs in 3 rows. We have wall newspaper with photos of follow students, one schoe for fun :-D

3) How many people can sit in the classrooms? In our classroom thirty students can sit and one teacher .

4) Have you got a TV or video or any technical apparatus in the classrooms? Yes, we have three televisions and three videos in language laboratories, one television in geography classroom and one DVD in check czech language laboratory – there are comfortable sofas. And we have a lot of modern computers at our school.

5) What does your technical classroom look like? We haven’t got technical classroom, but we have 5 classrooms with computers and 3 languages laboratories with TVs and videos. And we also have 1 DVD set in czech languages laboratories.

6) Have you got a library of school? Yes, we have got a library of school.

7) Have you got a connect to Internet in the school? Yes, we have got a connection to internet at school. We have got very fast connection. We can work on internet in ITE and during breaks.

8) Have you got a flowers in the classroom?Have you got a flowers in the classroom? Yes, we have got plants in classroom. Plants are very important, because they make our classroom nicer. We have got plants in corridors, too.